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If you don't know the common mistakes, then you're just not...


Practicing Safe Techs


Experienced software consultants give fast explanations and analysis of the technologies your company and your career are relying on...

Think you know the risks associated with the technology you're using?

Don't be at the mercy of your development staff to understand
the risks associated with the software technologies you are using!

Increasingly Ominous

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2nd Edition - Only $65.00!

Web Service and SOA Technologies

  • Includes critical information not found on this web site including strengths, weaknesses, and alternatives for each technology
  • Learn the common and extremely costly mistakes that delay or derail projects
  • Protect your career in this down economy.
  • Keep your interviewing skills sharp. Be able to intelligently discuss popular technologies.
  • The least boring and most valuable book you'll read this year.

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