Omninous-sounding Refund Policy

Ominous-sounding Refund Policy

Uh-oh. You're on this page. That means one of two things:

  1. You're a responsible, shrewd buyer, performing due diligence in a sensible and conscientious manner. Or...
  2. You're someone who is going to cause me problems later.

Damn. The odds of a future migraine for me just increased. I was hoping the number of hits on this page would stay at zero (kind of like the rest of the site).

Oh well - here's our policy: We've put enough of this book on the web that you should know what you're getting into...errrr...I mean you should be reasonably aware of the incredible value you are about to receive. You can see the first 20 or so pages of the book and most of the comics are on the net too. So we don't give refunds at all. (Mom - this means you too.) However, if you receive a damaged book, we will send you a new copy once we have received the originally damaged book back from you. You have to pay for shipping the damaged book back to us, and we pay for shipping the new copy back to you. All pretty standard stuff for Internet purchases.