Yup - that's me.
Here I am in early 2004 after a rewarding but somewhat stressful client engagement. I've aged a bit since then.

Glenn Hostetler:

In 1996, Glenn co-founded a Denver-based consulting company that specializes in software development for large scale systems. He has provided project management, business analysis, and software integration and engineering expertise since the inception of that company. Glenn has written two books and several IBM white papers on service oriented architectures, web services, and related technologies. He has acted as IBM’s liaison to Oracle’s ERP customers who wished to integrate their various software systems using IBM and Oracle middleware products (usually with web services, queues, ESBs, Java Connectors, or BPEL). He also authored the book 200 Moderately Difficult, Likely-to-occur, Precisely Written and Thoroughly Explained PMP Exam Questions (the PMP Exam is a certification test for project managers). His strong technical background gives him a deep understanding of service oriented architectures, while his business background keeps those perspectives grounded in realism. He occasionally writes about himself in the third person.

Further SOA-related Detail:
  • In 2007 to mid-2009, Glenn assisted IBM in the architecting of a queue-based enterprise service bus for the exchange of information between various government Ministries in the Middle East using web services. In 2009, he has served as a project management and business analyst contractor for the good people at Northrop Grumman and as an IBM SOA test manager as well.
  • From 2003 to 2007, Glenn acted as the Denver “Oracle Alliance Liaison and SOA Middleware Specialist” for IBM.  In this position, he showed Oracle and IBM customers how to integrate their various applications using both Oracle and IBM middleware, how to use BPEL and Business Process Modeling tools, how to performance tune J2EE application servers, and especially how to use web service-related technologies (ws-*).  He managed initiatives to integrate Oracle customers. He contributed several best practice documents for IBM’s internal Intellectual Capital Repository.
  • Glenn is the sole author of the IBM Redbook IBM eServer and Oracle EnterpriseOne Technology Foundation (also published under the title IBM eServer and J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne Technology Foundation).
  • From 2001-2003, Glenn provided analyst, architecture, project coordinator and J2EE consulting to IBM (as an independent sub-contractor).
  • Prior to 2001 and since 1984, Glenn was a Java, C++, and C programmer.  In 1996, he co-founded a small software consulting company (about 10 people) called Large Scale Systems Engineering.  He directed the technical team. He architected, designed, coded, created, tuned databases, and set up networks and firewalls. He put up the company Christmas tree and scared people on Halloween (or on the way to their cars in the parking lot late at night - a practice that was abondoned after the "mace" incident).
  • Glenn has a B.S. and M.S. in C.S. from C.U., U C?
  • Glenn is very lucky to be the husband of "King" (see below), and a father of a recently tooth-spitting six year old girl (Lexi) and twin four-year-old boys (Spencer and Jack), who both have mild autism, but who both seem to have the potential for greatness anyway and are an utter delight.

Yup.  That's him alright.  There's no mistaking it.
Here's Sandor working one of the interesting but occasionally time consuming east coast financial projects.

Sandor Hasznos:

Sandor is a Director of Service Oriented Architect Development at IBM. He authored the IBM Redbook The Software Development Mystery Solved!, which documents a proven methodology for large software deployments. He has a seat on IBM's Architecture Review Board, which establishes IBM's software architecture methods and practices for implementing enterprise systems. He is a winner of the IBM Technology Excellence Award and the Hughes Aircraft Innovation Award.

Further Detail:

  • Sandor is an IBM Director of Service Oriented Architecture Development and is currently stationed in the Middle East.
  • Sandor is co-author of The Software Development Mystery Solved! A Customer Guide, IBM Press.
  • He sits on IBM's Architecture Review Board which establishes IBM's software architecture methods and practices.
  • He's the winner of the 2004 IBM Technology Excellence Award.
  • Prior to accepting his current position as an executive in IBM, he has worked since the mid 80's on various projects as Chief Architect.
  • He is the winner of the Malcolm R. Currie Award (the Hughes Innovation Award).
  • Sandor is unquestionably the leading SOA expert in C Block.

King, on her way to getting the kids to quiet down.
King on her way to asking the kids to quiet down a little while she draws.

King: King prefers to keep a low profile, which is why she uses a pen name. It may have something to do with not wanting to be associated with us, but I'm not sure. Her identity is a closely guarded secret, even from our three children.  King takes the rough ideas I draft up and breathes life and humor into them.  We usually rework the text over and over until we agree on what’s funny, or at the very least, on what won’t get us sued. For example, using the copyrighted photo to the left is likely to get us sued.